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40 nights of hobo life

Actually it's 43 total nights, 10 down, 33 to go if all transpires according to plan. I am currently homeless. My condo has been sold. We have moved out. Done.

Moving on. We are in the process of buying a house. We are under contract. We are in negotiations regarding inspection issues. We do not close for another 33 days. We cannot move in. We are homeless.

You may think camping for 40+ nights is glamorous. Being unattached. Travelling. Staying off the grid. It would be. If this is how it really was. I did not chose a camping adventure like when I traveled to New Zealand. There are no plans. There is no fun. I am still tied down. I have to show up for my 40 hour a week 9-5 job. Clayton has to show up for work as well. We are essentially sharing a car. We have extremely different schedules. I find myself driving him in at 4:30 am or killing time until the rec. center opens at 6:00 am. We are up before the sun and in bed before the sun sets and often up in between to run some heat so that we do not freeze to death, literally, in the middle of the night. We cannot keep the heat running or we will die in our sleep of carbon monoxide poisoning instead of cold, our heater and stove run on propane. We need to stay camped close to work which means we are still in the mountains in the midst of winter and the nightly temps are between 15 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit. There is frost inside the windows, I can see my breath while I lie in bed, I stop reading when I can no longer feel my fingers wrapped around my book. The ground is frozen and the snow comes up to the stop sign on the road where we are camped. This means no campfires, all the wood is frozen beneath feet of snow. This also means no cat holes, if I need to poop I poop in a bucket with a frosted plastic seat on top. No running water. I do dishes and laundry at work. I shower and wash up at the rec. center. If we are not careful our water freezes overnight. We move the camper every day so that we are not towed or robbed of our essentials. I have things in storage. I have things at work. I have things in my car. I have things in the camper. I have donated and disposed of many things. All this equates to is that I can never find anything and never seem to have just what it is that I need at any given moment whether it's to cook with or wear or even simply wash my hair. I am not asking for sympathy or help or even complaining. I'm just saying it how it is. It's the way my life is right now. It's not easy, but it works. I wish it was a fun adventure, but due to the buying of the house I need to be around to take care of things, I also need to keep working due to the impending mortgage. I wish I could just take off work for 40 days and travel around in the camper and have a real adventure. See new sights. Be carefree. Love life.

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